Rarity of Figures

It is important to note that these levels have been awarded on the basis of personal observation, and that there is no way to determine wholly the relative population of remaining Canadian cards. The assigning of levels is on hold for now.

Level 1: Easily obtainable on ebay - A Level 1 piece should be readily available on eBay or a Collectibles dealer. Examples: Leia Endor, Teebo, Black Bespin Guard. The Droids and Ewoks figures fall mostly in this category.

Level 2: Not as common as Level 1, but can be found with some patience and research.

Level 3: Can be found 2-3 times a year if you're actively searching. Transition Cards start at level 3 as well as the R2 Shrinkwrapped card. The Canadian 21 ESB Fett would also fall into this category

Level 4: May only show up on average once a year. Encompasses most transition cards, the Dengar/Veers Shrinkwrapped Cards and the Guerre Des Etoiles 12 backs

Level 5: May take several years to come by a Level 5 piece. Example: one of the first 12 figures on a 47 back card or transition card. Some Guerre Des Étoiles 12 backs fall into this category as there may be less than 10 extant.

Level 6: Only one or two examples exist or may exist of this particular figure. The Han Solo Shrinkwrapped is a definite Level 6 with one fully sealed one documented. A Canadian 4-Lom on any card would also be a Level 6