Cardback Definitions

The Droids and Ewoks figures were packaged in Canada on generic cardbacks to save on manufacturing costs. There were no individual pictures, identifying numbers (SKU) or figure names.
Pricetags seen on cardbacks indicate that they were often sold at drugstores and smaller retails, in some cases at heavily discounted prices. (50 cents!).


The Ewoks figures are relatively easy to find on eBay. Ironically Wicket, although shown on the Cardback was never available in Canadian Packaging, but was sold with Logray as two U.S. carded figures in a Mailer style box. Kneesa, the female ewok was never produced.

Dulok Scout can often be found with an Urgah Coin
King Gornesh Urgah Dulok Shaman Dulok Scout
Level 1 Level 1.5 Level 1.5 Level 2


The Droids figures are relatively easy to find, C3PO and R2 being the most produced and easiest to find although at a much higher pricepoint than the other characters.
Tigg, Sise Fromm, A-Wing Pilot and Boba Fett were not released in Canada, but may have been imported in small numbers by individual retailers & chains.
It's interesting to note that the villain chasing R2 & C3PO on the cardback is Vlix, a figure that was released only in Brazil in 1989.
The droids ATL Interceptor and Side Gunner were never available in Canadian packaging, but were imported in standard U.S. packaging.
C-3PO R2-D2 Thall Joben Kea Moll
Jord Dusat Jann Tosh Kez-Iban Uncle Gundy

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